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2018 -2019

WSTC14: Women, Community and Policy Change, UTSC, Fall 2018

WSTD04: Gender, Equity and Human Rights, UTSC 2018

GWST 4502: Violence Against Women, York University Fall-Winter 2018/19

BC 3020: The Role of Peer Leaders in Sexual Violence Prevention, Faculty of Science, Bethune College, York University. NOTE: This course has been approved by the Faculty of Science (academics) but the York President and senior administrators refuse to fund it. Why? If the goal is to make campuses safer, it starts with educating and empowering students- something this course is designed to do. As critical thinkers, we need analyze what the priority is for these administrators (most of whom are not academics). Questions include: what is at stake in empowering students? Why would people that run a university limit educational opportunities? If education is not their priority, what is? Money? Reputation? Liability? Making campuses safer necessitates student action and critical questioning – things that many students go to university to learn. If you want to learn more (and differently), feel free to sign up for GWST4502 Violence Against Women in the meantime. We will be working on similar action projects, part of which will be conducting safety audits, policy analysis and research about what is and isn’t being done at the university.