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Sexual violence on campuses and in schools is top of mind for many administrators, educators and students, especially in light of media attention, the new sex-ed curriculum in public schools, and recent provincial legislation mandating that all Ontario colleges and universities have a policy on sexual violence. Importantly, there has been an increase in the hiring survivor support workers to address the realities of sexual violence on campuses. However, there is much work to do and many advocates report that their time is most often spent supporting survivors, with little time remaining for educational programing, curriculum development and customized training. Efforts at addressing sexual violence must include both support for survivors and prevention education to challenge attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate sexual violence and create a culture of consent. Prevention education initiatives allow institutions to become proactive rather than solely reactive to sexual violence.

It is essential that secondary and post-secondary institutions provide opportunities for all community members to learn about consent and sexual violence prevention. Students, staff, faculty and administrators must know their rights and responsibilities, institutional procedures, how to provide support for survivors, how to respond to disclosures, and how to take action to make our schools and campuses safer. Further, peer train-the-trainer programs prepare student leaders to take action and facilitate discussions about sexual violence and active bystanding amongst their peers. Using the Teach.Learn.Change action project model, students in academic and/or co-curricular courses can learn and teach their peers about practical strategies to address these issues. Here, participants learn how to become active and engaged citizens and community members – which is exactly what socially responsible education teaches.

The workshops and trainings we offer are developed and delivered by Krista Hunt, who is an award winning university teacher and community educator with over a decade of experience facilitating these conversations in secondary and post-secondary schools. She is committed to teaching in a way that promotes a diversity of voices and experiences, provides activities that engage a wide range of learning styles, and creates opportunities to challenge assumptions and stereotypes about ourselves and others. She has learned from students, staff, faculty and administrators that they want practical knowledge, strategies and skills to prevent and respond to violent attitudes and behaviours in our schools. These sessions are highly interactive, including small group activities and time for practice, are based on Canadian content (differentiating sessions from most prevention education), and address the intersecting power dynamics that shape any discussion of sexual violence.

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