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Teach. Learn. Change. is a project to transform education by engaging in the politics of our lives within and beyond the classroom. 


Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which [people] deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world. — Freire, 2000

Krista Hunt is a university teacher and life-long student of political change, with more than 13 years experience designing and delivering gender studies courses. She teaches courses on women and policy change, violence against women, and gender and global politics. She is committed to teaching in a way that promotes a diversity of voices and experiences, provides activities that engage a wide range of learning styles, and creates opportunities to challenge assumptions and stereotypes about ourselves and others. Her main goal is to get people to see themselves as political actors, recognize the implications of how we live our lives, and become empowered to act. She was recently awarded the 2016 President’s University Wide Teaching Award from York University. She is also published in academic books and journals, news sources, and on www.teachlearnchange.org.

Krista is the Consultant and Learning Specialist: Sexual Violence Prevention Education at Teach.Learn.Change. In collaboration with schools, universities and colleges, she facilitates Consent…You Know You Got It workshops and trainings for all community members in order to create safer learning and working environments. She has learned from students, staff, faculty and administrators that they want practical knowledge, strategies and skills to prevent and respond to violent attitudes and behaviours in our schools. These sessions are highly interactive, including small group activities and time for practice, are based on Canadian content (differentiating sessions from most prevention education), and address the intersecting power dynamics that shape any discussion of sexual violence.

Consent…You Know You Got It – 2017-2018 Course Offerings

Contact Krista Hunt at: kristahunt@teachlearnchange.org

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Michael Alex

Since he was very young, Michael has loved to learn. His teaching is informed by this – Michael strongly believes that a key component of effective teaching is continuing to learn, constantly. He also believes that the most fun, effective and transformative education occurs when students and teachers approach their work with curiosity – a “beginner’s mind.” Learning and change happen when people are open to constant, critical evaluation of the biases, experiences and assumptions which often inform their views.

Currently, Michael works as high school teacher and alternative program lead at a Toronto public school, alongside teaching yoga in Toronto and his work in other related projects. In 2014, he developed Yoga 4 Teens: Exploring Paths to Wellness, an interdisciplinary credit-earning high school course. Now in its third year, the course – and yoga – are the main focus of his educational research as well as his own personal development. He has completed 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs at the esteemed Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Center, and continues his work to deepen his learning and teaching practice, daily.

Michael also teaches social sciences as well as introductory law and politics. He models active citizenship by challenging passive voters, uncritical journalists, and dinner table politicians that aren’t thinking hard enough about the decline of democracy in Canada and beyond.

He is grateful to be on an ongoing sabbatical from his first love at school: history. Before moving into new areas for investigation, Michael completed three university degrees with a focus on history, and his Master’s thesis investigated abuses of power by the RCMP and the assault on civil liberties during the Vancouver APEC Summit in 1997. He is deeply grateful that one university professor once observed of his work: “as an historian, you make an outstanding political scientist.” Michael strongly feels that most disciplinary boundaries are at best a distraction from real learning anyway. His own teaching, on and off the (yoga) mat, is summed up by an observation another of his teachers made, which has stayed with him: “if you aren’t feeling anything, you aren’t doing anything.”

Contact Michael Alex at: michaelalex@teachlearnchange.org


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