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Are you a teacher looking for colleagues who are also interested in teaching differently? Are you a student looking for new, more engaging ways of learning? Are you interested in making change, but not sure where to start? Do you want to engage in learning that goes beyond the boundaries of disciplines, classrooms, schools and communities? At Teach. Learn. Change., we are committed to collaborating with people who want to “do” education differently. We aim to support teaching by making learning engaging and change a more accessible possibility. We appreciate all feedback, ideas for future guides, and proposals for collaboration!


BC 3020 3.0  The Role of Peer Leaders in Sexual Violence Prevention

This innovative new course has been launched by the Faculty of Science at York University. Now we just need funding to run the course in 2016-17!

This course allows students to develop their peer leadership skills with a focus on creating safer communities and healthier environments. The major project focuses on experiential education, with students completing a violence prevention project to engage with their peers beyond the course. Through this course, students will develop their skills as leaders in the community and help to make our campus safer for all.

PDF Now What? Action Project (105KB)

So what issue(s) do you care about? What can you do to address this? How can you get others involved? Here is an action project that students carry out in our courses. But really, with motivation and hard work, anyone can take action. We suggest working with others, but you can do the action on your own.

PDF Taking Action Isn’t Easy – Advice from Students (7.2MB)

What almost all students learn from the action project assignment is that taking action isn’t easy. Some face challenges figuring out what issue to take action on. Others face challenges working within groups. Many report dealing with obstacles from the institution in terms of gaining access to the spaces necessary to conduct a successful action. Students report how surprised they are by the roadblocks they face. Their assumption is that the university exists to facilitate their learning, and that they should be able to contribute to the learning environment by engaging with fellow students.

Although it can be demoralizing to hit such roadblocks, students who have conducted action projects have a lot to teach us about how to navigate such obstacles. Here is some valuable advice from the students of ‘Gender and Development’, York University, Winter 2013. Thanks to them for their thoughtful reflections.

PDF Yes Men Fix the World Action Guide (829KB)

This action guide was created by Teach.Learn.Change. in collaboration with the Yes Men)

Film: The Yes Men Fix the World


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