Michael Alex

Michael’s approach to yoga is as varied as the students with whom he is working. That’s one aspect of yoga he loves - it offers so many different points of entry for practice and connection - investigating ourselves, and learning from one another. Variety also typifies Michael’s own yoga practice: he is a confirmed ‘asana junkie,’ nerds out on biomechanics and brain science, is a lover of multi-disciplinary movement systems (which he integrates into the physical practice of yoga), and is a curious and committed meditator. Whether it is formal practice, teaching in community settings, or pestering friends and family with yoga-inspired life hacks, Michael’s approach is accessible, non-Guru based and fun. He completed 540 hours + of training at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre in Toronto, Ontario, and continues to deepen his yoga practice, daily. Michael’s ongoing work teaching yoga to teenagers and making ‘play’ an organizing principle for yoga practice is the passion that ties all the other threads of his work together. That work is documented elsewhere on this site: Yoga Playground, Yoga4Teens, and Yoga4Schools.