Yoga4Schools introduces our yoga work in schools. Like our academic classes, Yoga4Schools has been developed in ways which align with the fundamental pedagogical approach and commitments of the Teach.Learn.Change. project as a whole.

Yoga4Schools is also the working title of somewhat amorphous workbook/student resource/memoire/action guide/teaching curriculum which we are currently putting together to share with the world. So, like, a really small and not too ambitious project!

This ‘book’ project (let’s go with that, for now) will continue to take shape in the coming months. Both Krista and Michael have taught teens yoga in and out of schools. This project will bring together our collective efforts to offer yoga to teenage students, from one-off events, to workshops series and the two high school credit courses which Michael has developed as part of his work as a public high school teacher.

As such, ideas, updates and teasers from this project will be shared here on an ongoing basis. Check back in, or look for our updates via Instagram.

In September 2019, Michael will embark on the sixth year of offering Yoga4Teens: Exploring Paths to Wellness, a teen-focused yoga program for students in schools, which he initially designed, and which has been shared and is now offered at several schools in the Toronto area. And yet, while the Yoga4Schools project is a reflection of our shared commitment to TLC teaching pedagogy, and reflects our own teacher education and yoga training, our best and most vital teachers have been, no surprise, our students.

Simply put: we have been fortunate to have been able to work with so many teenagers who have taught us about the yoga(s) they want and need, how to design and deliver instruction that is effective and engaging, and the lessons to be learned from the often challenging efforts to teach differently in schools, and perhaps with different intentions than schools and yoga studios have traditionally approached learning, yoga and teenage learners.