Privilege Diary Assignment

Read the assigned articles about unearned privilege and begin keeping a diary of how you see privilege operating in your own life. This includes instances where you are privileged, as well as instances where you see privilege operating, but are in a marginalized position. Focus your analysis on how multiple privileges and oppressions interlock (i.e. how race, gender, class, sexuality, nationality, religion, etc are always operating). When it is challenging to see how race, for instance, is operating, we need to ask: Is that because we have been taught not to see race, as in white people not seeing themselves as racialized? In other words, this assignment challenges us to think critically about our blind spots, or the things we have been conditioned not to see/would rather not see. Further, you need to make explicit connections between this study of interlocking power dynamics in your everyday life and the readings, discussions, and activities that we are studying in class. Just as with all assignments in this course, you need to push your analysis to address the what/so what/now what of the issues/topics you focus on. This assignment can be presented in any form – a series of diary entries, a zine, a blog entry, a cartoon, a video, a poem, a short essay, a photo essay, etc, etc. Make sure that whatever format you choose, your critical analysis of power, privilege and oppression must be explicit. Organize your entries by situations you’ve encountered rather than by identity.Within those situations, address all intersections that you have learned about in the articles . If your diary is written as an essay, it must be in proper paragraph form. All diaries must include proper citations of other people’s words and/or ideas.